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All of us have needed a miracle in the past, need one now, or will need of one in the future. To be a miracle doesn’t necessarily mean tackling problems across the globe. It means making a difference; believing change is possible.

Every day of our life is a miracle, every moment is a miracle. We can take life for granted. We can focus on all our shortcomings, all our pain and trials, but even still, it is a miracle that these things even exist. Experience is the greatest miracle of all. When we realize this, even if we experience something bad, or something didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, we can still see that life is a miracle, because of the very experience of life itself.

We often get caught up in the drama of life, in the stories of our lives that we don’t stop and realize how much of a miracle life really is. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a lifeless universe. We can try, but I don’t think it’s really possible, because we come from the perspective of a universe full of life. In fact, if we were in a lifeless universe, there would be no “us” there would be no “perspective.” Existence is the manifestation of this miracle, existence is the miracle in action.

For me I realized the courage to be honest with myself. I stopped rejecting my feelings and starting accepting them. Whatever I felt, I gave myself permission to feel it. Even if the source of those feelings wasn’t real, or was based on assumption, simply me accepting the feelings allowed me to see into the cause of them.

With my honesty I gained awareness, with my awareness I saw my mistakes and with my courage I forgave myself and others and helped myself heal. I realized that simply being honest and being open to the truth, whether it was painful or not, brought me more and more freedom, and has got me to where I am today.

Here are some other ways I was able to realise the miracle of life more everyday on my journey:

  • Meditation – I started meditating every day. I would go into internal silence. This enabled me to become more in touch with reality. I also started taking walks where I would only focus on the present. Anytime I started thinking about the future, worrying about the rest of day, etc. I would re-direct my focus to the present, the trees, the feeling of my feet on the ground and my breath.
  • Listening to my intuition – Our minds often have conflicting views. Your mind may tell you one thing is a good idea and at the same time tell you it’s not. That’s because the power of our minds is in their ability to compare. Our hearts, or our gut, will often “know” without needing to rationalise. By following my heart I’ve been able to worry and stress less. I’ve also started doing more of what I want to do, instead of what I feel like I should do.People often ask me “Are you scared?” and I say “No”, because my intuition tells me every day I am going to be fine.
  • Seeing the beauty in unexpected things – When we see that in each leaf, there is the tree, in each tree there is the forest, we realize the unity of life. We can let go of fear, of resentment, because there is no difference between you and anybody else. Without these obstacles in the way, I am able to live in the moment without distraction.
  • Mindfulness – This is biggest one for me. Becoming mindful in all my actions I see them for what they are, not simply the words I use to describe them in my mind. When we experience life deeply in the present moment, without having to think about it, we live fully within the miracle of life.
  • Remembering breath – Breath is the bridge between the mind and the body. When we are conscious of our breath, we are conscious of life being manifested in each moment. When I return my attention toward my breath, I become conscious of the miracle moving through my lungs – being alive.

I  wish that you too can experience the reality of living every moment as a miracle. We may forget to be mindful, we may become distracted, we may fall down. But even these struggles are miracles. When we truly recognize this we can begin to live every day fully, without limitations. We can overcome our fears and self-defeating beliefs and reclaim our personal freedom.

“Believe in miracles, be a miracle”

Love & Light