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Are you living every day with excitement, passion and energy?  If not, maybe you need to delve a little deeper to find your life purpose…

And what’s that you ask?  Your life purpose is not to be an accountant, a writer, a builder, or an airline pilot.  No. Those are mediums with which you can express your life purpose.  Your life purpose is more about who you are at your core and what you are here to learn and give than it is about what you do for a living.  It’s more like a compass than a goal or a destination. It helps you stay on track, heading in the direction of your choosing, and it influences your decision making process.

When understanding your life purpose this will help to get you outside of your personal bubble.  It will help you understand your life path on a higher level, to help you understand the true meaning of your essence, your gift and your mission in this lifetime. 🙂

Finding your life purpose can lead to greater joy, fulfilment, health and happiness and when you are doing something in alignment with your life purpose, you usually experience greater passion, meaning, energy or just a feeling of this being “right”. This will happen even if you don’t know what your purpose is.

Connecting with and living your purpose is a beautiful journey that typically unfolds in mysterious and surprising ways.  It’s not something to be forced, or something to actively worry about “having to” find, but it does bring much light and clarity into your life.  Living half of my life with cancer and now understanding my life purpose, it has made my life so much richer than I would have ever thought.  Do things really happen by accident? Or was this life experience presented to me on purpose? – Yep I think so; I have a BIG job to do and I am doing it! 🙂

I made a promise to myself when I made the decision to live.  That promise was to get better, look after myself and to use this experience to share, to inspire, to help others see how amazing and precious life is, and to help guide them on the path to the most fulfilling life possible!

Purpose is very unique, a phenomenon that’s so individual that I believe only you can actually know it or figure it out, although others like myself can certainly help provide input and guidance to understanding your life purpose. A useful way of approaching Life Purpose is to consider the three components of purpose. Everyone has an essence quality and a gift, but not everyone has a mission.

Essence:  This is about states of being. It’s the “who you are being” when you are doing something.  Each of us has a quality we radiate into the world.  It can be easy for others to perceive but invisible to us.  Personality traits can grow out of, or in reaction to, this quality.  Some examples may be challenge, peace, enlightenment, joy, and achievement.  Finding your own quality can be difficult, but once found, it will probably seem obvious to you and to those who know you.

Imagine for a moment that each of us is a light, walking around in the world, shining. See all the lights (the people), shining together, illuminating everything. Notice that the lights are each a slightly different colour, each one is unique. What’s unique about your light, and what powers it? That is your essence.

Knowing this quality can profoundly change your experience of life. Deliberately finding ways to express it will create more success and fulfillment in everything you do.

Gift:  Each of us was designed to perform some task over and over again.  Do not take the term “task” too literally!  We are all catalysts for something, designed to cause something to occur.  Knowing what you were designed to do has an obvious impact for your professional choices.

Mission:  Our purpose is who and what we are at the most fundamental level.  It is really our “design”.  “Purpose statements” and “mission statements” are very useful; they remind of us of our purpose.

The reason to have a purpose statement is to remind yourself of your path.  It needs to be simple so you can remember it.  It needs to be compelling so you are moved by it, even to fear or discomfort.  If you have no strong feelings about your purpose statement, you either aren’t clear about your purpose or you’ve censored the life out of it.  A great purpose statement is one that articulates your purpose as clearly and simply as possible.  Be careful not to create a purpose statement based on insufficient information.

A purpose statement is a great decision-making tool.  If you wish your purpose (and your life) to have meaning, you must say “yes” to things that are purposeful and “no” to things that are not.

I believe everybody is amazing and everybody has a purpose in this world and its just about learning to find meaning in your life, and to start living it.  Align your personality with your soul.  Until that happens, you won’t be able to give the gifts you were meant to.

Remind yourself daily of the following:

  • You are a soul first and a personality second.
  • You are worthy.  You are not on this Earth by accident.  You have a reason to be here.  There’s a difference between accepting that in your mind and accepting in your heart.
  • It’s not an “it” that you’re looking for — it’s your life that you’re living.
  • You are here to create an authentically empowered life.  There is no guarantee you will do it.  It’s up to you.

If you are wanting some guidance to help discover your life purpose contact me today for a one on one coaching session! 🙂

So much Love & Light