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2 x The Perfect Blend – Probiotic Superfood 150gm


Save $20 when you buy 2!

For ultimate gut health and immunity.
Strengthen your immune system, correct digestional imbalances, remove dangerous toxins, and replace vital nutrients at a cellular level. A powerful probiotic, prebiotic and nutritious superfood in one – it’s The Perfect Blend for any body.


  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 13 Strains of Lactobacillus Bacteria
  • 19 Whole Foods
  • 2 Beneficial Yeasts
  • All 20 Amino Acids
  • 72 Omni Minerals
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Raw Food, Completely Natural with NO GMO
  • No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring
  • No Preservatives
  • 2 Year Shelf Life and Doesn’t Need Refrigeration

Delivery Times: We deliver two times per week, every Tuesday and Thursday. Please note: We do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. Estimated delivery time: 2-4 days. Rural Deliveries please allow an extra 1-3 days.

Need international shipping? No problem! Please send our team an email at for pricing or if you have any special shipping requirements. We are happy to help!



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